Who is XB22 Fama




The author is extremely reserved and likes his privacy.

For reasons known only by few people then it will not disclose, I think never, age or sex affiliations

, it will act simply by writing under the pseudonym XB22 Fama.


But I can tell you it is very outgoing visionary and global observer.

Many call it the true connoisseur, but I like more identify it as a constant seeker of truth.


Moreover, despite I know all that by very long time, for me is still very difficult to decipher the essence


and now I ask

; There is ever happened to meet someone who, just seeing you, really know who you are even better than you


                                                      ..and does not care absolutely? . . .


I can then say that it is an individual whose life and thoughts are summed up in this phrase that he repeated often

"Man is born free, he must live free and die free

; So never ask me an opinion about the lives of others, because everyone is entitled to their freedom

Which if used bad, will make it cause of his own captivity "



             ..and usually it ends with


                                         "Have the courage to be who you are"

Now it's recently gone to the deep orient where it will stop for about a year.

Over there, will deepen the its research for the next books of his series, and in the meantime will live in temples.

It also will throw the bases for the production of the manga 'The Dragon Man'.


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