author XB22 Fama

Volume 1°

The first hybrid of the species

In a time that is not time,

in a place that is beyond all imagination


exist coexistence that

    we would not know even conceive

A journey through time and space

The inevitable self-destruction of a planet they will merge the origin of a new species.

Thanks to the rescue of the few survivors from an advanced race that came from far away ..

called Dragons

"Everything that was once a human being no longer exists because it was now a being completely different"

Words from the incredible journey of those who are pushed beyond ..


Where the physical embraces metaphysics

Where the contours of the conceivable shade into a dimension that looking today


..it's just different from us. .

fantasy world - sci fi novel - utopian future - dragons - cosmic love - visionary destiny - infinity - manga  series - apocalypse - salvation - new life -

is all within